Monday, December 17, 2007

Well, the month is flying by. Mary turns 7 tomorrow - which is amazing to me. I am really behind the eight ball this year -- haven't sent out Christmas cards yet (They are coming...I promise) - haven't finished Christmas know how it goes. I'm working too much...but that's retail in December. Once we finish inventory in January I will anticipate a few less hours and a little more time at home.

Katie has an ear/sinus/something infection. With her it can be really hard to tell. We went to the ER today because her doctors office couldn't squeeze her in until Thursday -- and she was sitting in Bill's big chair in the front room pulling at her ear and saying "ouchee". (which for her is a big accomplishment seeing that she doesn't really say any words consistently.

Well...lots to do for the big b-day tomorrow. I'll try to post pics later.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Things have been chaotic -- not a good excuse for ignoring the blog...but I'll try to do a quick update. We are once again having issues with Katie's "new" classroom. This is not the appropriate place to go into details..but if you know us and love Katie, then pray that we will choose the best option for her.

I have some great new pics of the girls from some recent outings, I will add them to this post. Bill spent last week in Florida for work - lucky him -- the weather there was beautiful, and in Michigan it was not so beautiful - unless you are an eskimo and want to build a new igloo.

My work is crazy - but that is retail in December.....