Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Per usual, I am short on time - but I finally was able to upload the Father Daughter dance pics. Things here are good, but hectic. Bill and I both have lots of changes going on at our work-places, so it keeps us hopping!!!

Katie is starting to make excellent progress and is beginning to use words, it's so exciting!!

Mary has a 'boyfriend' - I'm not sure we're ready for that -- but more later..enjoy the pics!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

I know that I am way past due for a post, but as we have discussed before, I will not apologize for the craziness in my life. We are doing well - just really busy. Mary and Bill had their first father daughter dance last night. I'll try to upload some pics later today. Right now I am rushed for time. It's my mom's birthday and we are meeting them for Chinese - but I am sitting here in pj's with hair color in my hair - waiting for that to be done so I can get dressed and get on the move. It seems as though it is a never-ending cycle as of late -- but all in all we are good.

Mary is doing well in school - she continues to be the toothless wonder -- losing teeth like crazy - but is loving it. She is tying her shoes and reading -- it's awesome to watch her grow up.

Katie continues to be responding well to treatments. She is beginning to use more words and is having meaningful play with toys-- both of those are huge for her.

Bill is liking his new position as harbor master a lot -- he is back doing the things he loves -- parts, moving boats, etc. They are getting ready for the big Boat Show in GR this week - so he is nuts right now. Valentines week is always crazy for us because that is always the week of the boat show.

NASCAR is back -- lovin it!!! I always look forward to the return of NASCAR season. See my link to #8 for more info!!!

Well, I'll try to get those pics up later......