Monday, September 29, 2008

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend Update...

Well the weekend has flown by...and I have a few updates, so here goes.

Katie is doing much better. Her mouth has healed up nicely and her ears seem to be feeling better - so I'm hopeful for an "event-free" week of school. We were going to start Special Olympics swimming this weekend - but we postponed it for one week to make sure she is feeling 100 percent. I'll try to do a post on that next weekend after we go. We're very excited about getting involved with Special Olympics.

Mary had an awesome soccer game on Saturday. She has two games this week. Her coaches cancelled practice - for which I am thankful. Once again we are in a "something is happening every night" week - so that will help a bit. She is continuing to do very well in school. We are a little concerned about her vision. I need to call tomorrow and get her an appointment to have her eyes checked. We have been noticing that she has been sitting closer and closer to the TV when she watches it - and when she reads she holds the book/paper right in front of her face. Bill has "eye issues" - and so does my Dad - so we figure we better check it out just to be safe.

On a "Jill" note - I have enjoyed the first week of "new TV". I'm so thankful to have a DVR so that I can watch the good shows whenever I have the time - even if that means 3 days after they were originally on. Bill & I all skate to Survivor & Amazing Race - but everything else is a singles skate for the most part. Knight Rider and the Sarah Connor Chronicles could end up on the couples only list too - but I don't have enough time right now for all of those.....I did watch the first episode of the final season of ER - and I have to tell you - if you missed it - it was amazing! I used to watch that show years ago --(12 years ago to be exact - when Bill & I were dating) and we both loved it. I have watched it off and on since then - but I must say that it is shaping up to be an incredible final season. So, if you used to watch it, you might want to think about coming back for the final season. (and no, NBC is not paying me --it's free advertising :)

As not to leave him out, Bill is good - but catching his annual Fall cold. His work will start getting busy here in a week or two -- usually when the weather turns colder, which is supposed to be this Tuesday here - so we'll see. He and I are planning our annual Chicago business trip for his work for the end of the month - I'm looking forward to that -- it's always nice to get away. My mom watched the girls for us - so it's a nice mini-vacation.

Well, I probably should think about bed for the night. All of the other members of this house - even the animals - are sleeping - and it's not even 10 pm -- so we're doing very well tonight!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Too much to tell...

Wow - a week since my last post, it must be the school year. No new pics - or if I do have them I haven't uploaded in awhile. Things have just been crazy here. Mondays are BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) for both Mary and I. Tuesday is Girl Scouts. Wednesday is Music Makers for Mary (school aged after school music program). Thursday is soccer practice and speech therapy for Katie. Friday might be the only weekday that we don't have a regular commitment. Saturday is soccer and soon starting will be Special Olympics swimming. (I'm really looking forward to that for both of the girls, as Mary will also get to participate in the practices). Sunday is church day and then we start all over. Yikes!

Anyway -- what a day today was. Katie had a small accident at school today. Thankfully I was in the building when it happened -- she had a tantrum in class. She was tired. She had speech therapy first thing in the morning and then we went to school. She didn't want to go to school. After therapy she usually just wants to check out for the day. I had gone down to the office to speak with the principal when I was "summoned" back to the classroom. Katie had thrown a "tantrum" if you want to call it that. She was standing at the sink to wash her hands for lunch when she whipped her head back and then slammed her face into the counter. Blood was everywhere. She ripped the piece of skin inside her mouth which connects your lip to your gums. She also shoved one of her top front baby teeth up into her gum a bit -- but those teeth were already loose - so that isn't a big concern. It took 30 minutes to get the bleeding to stop. We ended up going to the pediatricians office in the afternoon just so they could check her. They said those injuries usually heal fine if the lip can be left alone (hello, this is Katie we're talking about). She also had a slight infection in both ears - so that combined with the need to keep her mouth from becoming infected demanded amoxicillin (sp?) (free at Meijer - big bonus) - hopefully she will be doing much better tomorrow.
Well - that's it for now. Did I mention that good T.V. starts this week? Not like I have time to watch it :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tag, You're It!

My friend Merri tagged me on her here it is....

1. Four Places that I go over & over - The kids school, work, home, the store.

2. Four people who email me regularly - (I'm counting facebook contacts in this one) - Julli, My Dad, Joy, TS

3. Four of my favorite places to eat - Qdoba, McDonalds, Red Lobster, Giordanno's

4. Four places I would rather be - Chicago, Chicago, Chicago, Chicago (Okay, maybe Disney World).

5. Four people I tag- Alice, Alysa, Connie, Jen P.

6.Four TV shows I watch - Biggest Loser, Survivor, Amazing Race, Flashpoint


Busy, Busy

I can tell school's in session. "Busy Busy" is my slogan as of late. It's the third week of school already - that is hard to believe. Katie's class is going exceptionally well, so for that I am thankful. God is good - prayers are being answered. I can't wait to see where she is at at the end of the school year. I have a meeting with Katie's teacher tomorrow to prepare for her IEP (Individualized Educational Plan) which is due next month. I'm excited for what lies ahead for her this year.

Did I mention that I am the "President of the PTA" this year? That isn't what it's called at my girls' school - but that is essentially what I am. It's a huge commitment...I must have had too much coffee when I made that decision - but it's a good thing. It's just another "BUSY BUSY" part of my life. I spent the better part of this afternoon tracking down popcorn supplies and lemonade mix for the school's open house on Thursday. I'm tired...have I mentioned that ???

We also have AYSO Soccer, Girl Scouts, Bible Study Fellowship (Mary gets to come with me this year), Music Makers, Speech Therapy, and did I forget to mention WORK!!! and just being a mom. Nope, I"m not busy!

Well -- off to soccer practice....gotta go

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Fair

One of the coolest things about where we live is the fair. We have one of the best fairs in the State of Michigan not too far from our home. The best part is that this fair offers something really awesome to all the kids in the county who have something in common with our Katie - they are disabled in some way. All children in the county who are classified as "disabled" are able to attend the fair for free each year. They have a special day (which is always the same day that the Veterans are honored at the fair) where all of these special kids come to the fair. They get free rides for 2 hours in the afternoon (before the rides open to the public) and they get to tour all the animal barns and exhibits for free. This is the fourth year that Katie has been able to come to the fair... Wow, has she come a long way! When we went just before her third birthday we couldn't get her to go into any barns or get near any animals. She was completely disturbed by the smells, sounds, and everything that goes along with the fair. Today...this was Katie.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Do you remember...

...that scene from E.T. where E.T. is hiding in the closet and blends in with all of the stuffed animals....

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

First Day of School

Hard to believe ...but I am now the parent of a second grader -- and of course, our special Katie. The new header picture is my favorite...Katie getting ready to leave the house for school. Here are some of our other "traditional" first day of school pics...

Overall it was a great day. Katie had a little trouble adjusting first thing, but seemed to calm down into a great day. I still like the new that's good. Mary loves her first "boy teacher" as she calls him. He' s all about manners - so I love will be good reinforcement for her. :)
Well...the hectic school pace is already setting in, but I love it. Back to the routine that makes us will be good.