Saturday, January 28, 2006

Okay, I have now officially caught whatever it is that my whole family has had -- I feel like poop! At least I'm not coughing, and I don't think I need antibiotics - but I am whipped! It's 8:30 and both of our kids are asleep -- that doesn't happen very often at this house -- but lately with all the sickness, it is becoming more common place. Katie missed the whole week of school -- which bums me out. She has an appointment on Tuesday to meet with the ENT so she can have the tubes put back in her ears. I was hoping we wouldn't have to do that - but it looks like we aren't going to have any optiions.

I hope that everyone else is doing well. I need to catch up on everyone's blogs -- I am going to try and do that this weekend... and I need to finish my list as well!!!!

Friday, January 27, 2006

Okay - I'll try and finish, but as per usual, I am crunched for time

61. God is good.
62. Babies are a true miracle.
63. I've always had an easier time making guy friends than girls friends
64. I only had 2 serious boyfriends before I met my husband.
65. Taco Bell always gives me a tummy-ache.
65. I broke my foot in the fourth grade and my fourth toe on my left foot has never grown since that time.
66. I can't ice skate worth a hoot - but I love to rollerskate -- and was pretty good at it in my prime.
67. Autism is a cruel disease --
68. I wish that I could be a stay at home mom.
69. I could never home-school.
70. I need to learn to be more generous.
71. Hot fudge
72. Chicago White Sox
73. I've seen Billy Joel and Elton John in concert seperately and they both rocked.
74. Houston's -- have you ever eaten there?
75. Hot tubs
76. Snowmobiling
77. Have I mentioned my love of NASCAR???
78. Daytona
79. Disneyworld
80. Giordonno's Pizza - if you haven't had it you are missing out.
81. Date Night -- we don't have it often enough.
82. Flannel Sheets
83. Fudge Brownies

Okay -- I have to go to work -- but I'm almost done.

Katie has a double ear infection and Bill has bronchitis, so we have been in the sick zone again. I am getting tired of it. We are trying to have Katie's tubes put back in her ears -- it helped her so much last time, so hopefully we can work that out. We have an appointment with the ENT next week.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

51. I have a bad history with "best" friends. Two of the three"best" friends I have had in my adult life are no longer more than "acquaintances" to me.
52. I had brain surgery in '02 when I was diagnosed with Arnold Chiari Malformation.
53. I love to eat at Red Lobster.
54. Chicago's greatest hits is the CD currently in my CD player.
55. Although not officially labeled as one, I think I stutter quite often.
56. I have a teaching degree although I have never taught (other than subbing.)
57. I buy cheap shampoo.
58. Chocolate Milk - what more can I say.
59. Old Navy has the best kids clothes.
60. Retail management is not my life ambition.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Okay, you guys all make me laugh. Sorry I didn't make McDonalds. I am doing better, Em. I'll have to call you and touch base. Kish - I hope that I do get to me you sometime soon, too. Actually, Mary got sick yesterday and on my way home from work I talked to my mom on my cell and she said that Mary had a fever, was coughing horribly and had been very lethargic since late morning -- so Mc Donalds wouldn't have been a good option. Sorry that I did't get to call you Em and let you know that I wasn't coming. Katie is catching whatever it is that Mary has now, too -- and I am in the middle of my 6 days in a row of work - so things are a little crazy.

The new job is improving -- I am starting to feel adjusted. It wasn't good earlier this week -- but I've decided that I am going to stay positivie and stick it out --- (I liked your flying house comment, Em.)

I need to finish my top 100 list --- maybe Wednesday on my day off. And Susie -- I agree that there needs to be a better way to say "I'm not a girly girl ", but how. To me it means that I'm not a "foofy" girl -- I don't wear frilly dresses and strappy heels but I'm still a girl and I still know how to look pretty.

Okay -- I'm tired. So I'm signing off. Thanks for hanging with me fellow bloggers!!! Goodnight.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I really need to finish my top 100 list -- but not tonight. Today was my day off. Katie didn't have school because of icy roads -- so both kids were home all day. It's been crazy. I start 6 days in a row tomorrow -- not sure how that will be, I just know I'll be tired when it's done.

I challenge any fellow bloggers out there to work on their own top 100 list.....I'd love to read them!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Okay -- so Kish has a top 100 things on her blog ..what a lot of work. I thought I'd start on mine today...not sure if I'll finish it all today or not, but I'll start.

1. Jesus Christ is my heavenly father and I know that eternal life in heaven awaits me when I die.
2. I hate cleaining my house, but I love a clean house.
3. I love McDonald's cheesburgers.
4. I love Diet Coke.
5. I hate the sound of the word "Moist".
6. I have a secret crush on Val Kilmer.
7. I am a grumpy "waker-upper".
8. Bad drivers make me angry.
9. I don't like it when people talk on their cell-phone and try to check out at a store/bank at the same time.
10. I love ice cream.
11. I love to scrapbook, but don't seem to have much time for it.
12. I love coffee.
13. I hate mornings.
14. I don't like it when my kids whine.
15. I love my children and they are both the apple of my eye.
16. I love to get a tan in the summer.
17. I am a big John Grisham fan and have read most of his books.
18. I am a "Fanilow" (Barry Manilow fan) and have been since I was a young child.
19. I hate it when people ask me if I have a cold just because I have a raspy voice.
20. I married the perfect person for me.
21. Chicago is my favorite city.
22. I've made a lot of mistakes in my life, but I try to learn from each of them.
23. I am a spender, not a saver.
24. I' m not into shoes, like most women are.
25. I'm not a girly girl.
26. I admit to fixing hamburger helper on a regular basis.
27. I am crazy about Nascar and Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
28. Disneyworld is probably my favorite place on earth.
29. I'm a Harry Potter fan.
30.I often have a hard time finishing things that I start.
31. I love to bake, but I hate cleaning up afterwards.
32. My mom is the best!
33. I cherish my true friends.
34. Where would we be without computers?
35. I like to shop - but only when I have money.
36. I don't like to swim very much.
37. I didn't like High School
38. I loved college.
39.Hawaii is overrated.
40. I wish I was more organized.
41. "The Saint" is my all-time favorite movie.
42. I like to have wine at weddings.
43. I have never struggled with feeling old - I'm 35 and that's okay.
44. I tend not to be even tempered -- that is why my husband is so good for me.
45. I like to play Chinese Checkers and Mexican Train.
46. Bill and I are awesome at Euchre.
47. I wish I didn't have to work and could spend more time at home with the kids and Bill.
48. I'm thankful for a house in a nice neighborhood.
49. I still have friends from college with whom I keep in regular contact with. I am proud of my efforts to stay in touch with them.
50! This list is killing me. Maybe the next fifty will be my next blog. I challenge all of my other blogging friends out there to give it a shot!
My blog is continuing to do weird things --- so is my Yahoo -- maybe I've got a "bug" -- hope not. But I guess you can never really know!

Katie and Mary both had yesterday off school. We ran errands in the morning and then I had to close at work last night. I'm off this weekend -- which I really needed. I've been cleaning my house all morning and we have a party tonight with some old friends of ours from before we were married. Most of us have kids now and it always ends up being quite an interesting event.

Did you all watch "Dancing with the Stars" on Thursday? I missed the elimination show last night, but Bill told me all about it.

Well, I best keep it short and sweet - I have brownies in the oven downstairs for the party tonight and I don't want them to burn. Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

My blog is doing weird things - like not updating and things --- who knows? I get by on the computer, but blogging is not my forte'.

Anyway, work was crazy -- I'm starting to feel at home though. I am slowing, but surely, getting the hang of it. We still need to find a good babysitter to help my mom with childcare. We are praying ---

Dancing with the Stars is on tonight -- can't wait!!!

The girls are good. Katie's bus rides continue to go well.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Today was my day off. I open the next 2 days - 6 am - yikes, because I'm not a morning person, but it is nice to be home by 3.

Katie continues to do well. We have gone back to letting her have a sippy cup at school. They have been trying to teach her to drink out of a regular cup, but she doesn't want anything to do with it -- and she doesn't drink anything all morning-- which for her is a big deal. She has always been much more of a drinker than an eater. We decided to let her go back to the sippy cup -- especially because now she is riding the bus home as well which means she doesn't get a drink for almost 4 hours.

Bill's new position is starting to transition. I think he's feeling better now that he is back from the holiday lay-off and he can start to implement his new ideas. I'll be glad when he and I are both adjusted to our new positions.

Monday, January 09, 2006

I am trying to blog more this year, remember? Ok...I'm on it. The new job is going pretty well. Lots of adjustments, but so far, so good.

Katie is doing great with the bus. Thanks for the comments that I was right in not putting her on the bus for an hour in the am. We are totally at peace with that decision. The ride home is going great. The bus driver told my mom today that he wished all the kids were like Katie. She is quiet and just sits in her sit and enjoys the ride. We are so happy for her.

Bill's new job officially started today. I've talked to him on the phone -- he sounds a little overwhelmed. Kind of like I did on my first day.

Okay...lots to do. I just got home from a 6-2:30 shift and I am tired!

Friday, January 06, 2006

Another good day for Katie on the bus. Bill is at a meeting for work so I'm continuing to work on this house. The holidays have pretty much trashed it. Plus we have all been at home which has caused more chaos and messiness.

Back to work for me tomorrow.

Does anyone watch "Dancing with the Stars?" I love it! Drew Lachey and Jerry Rice are my top two picks. Any thoughts or comments?

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Katie rode the bus by herself for the first time today!! How exciting. She is going to be riding the bus home from school each day now. What a huge step for her -- and how exciting for Bill and I to start to see her gain some new independence. There are 3 or 4 other students from her class that ride the "special" bus home at lunch-time, too. We aren't putting her on the bus in the am because she would have to be on the bus at 7:25 am - and school doesn't start until 8:30. She's only 3 and an hour on the bus is a little much in my opinion, but the ride home is quick - only 10 minutes.

She also shook her head "no" twice in direct response to my mom today -- and I was there to see her do it! That was a first for her as well. What a great "Katie-day" this has been.

I have today and tomorrow off! That, too, is exciting, but I do have to work the weekend. I'll take it -- Bill is still on lay-off, so it's nice to have the time off with he and the girls.

Not much else going on except that Bill is off racing cars tonight, Katie has been asleep since 4 in the afternoon and I desperately need to get at this messy house!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The new job is good. My first day was a little rough. I had a pounding headache most of the day -- it was storming terribly outside and I know that was most of it -- but that store is crazy busy. Everyone was really nice to me --I close tonight, work a mid tomorrow and then I'm off Thursday and Friday. Pretty nice. Emily -- I will have to give you a call with the details -- but overall it went really well.

Katie did great at school today. She rolled a ball back and forth 10 times with her Occupational Therapist. WOW!!!! That was a year end goal for her, so we are so thrilled.

Well, I need to run,....more about the new job later.

Sunday, January 01, 2006