Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I'm so bad. I had wanted to be so much more dedicated to my blog -- so here goes - a big catch up session. I don't think I ever finished my top 100 list. The girls are doing pretty good -- Mary is still on antibiotic for her strep and double ear infection. Katie has a little cold, but I think she is doing ok. We have parent - teacher conferences for her tonight. That will be exciting for Bill and I to hear how she is really doing. I am tired, but hanging in there. My job is going much better. I feel like I am starting to find my niche - starting to earn people's respect. I can't believe I've been there almost 2 months already. Bill's work is finally settling in, too. We are hoping for a much calmer March than Jan or Feb was. We'll have to wait and see....

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Mary has strep and a double ear infection!! Yikes. I need to keep Katie healthy for her surgery in two weeks! I think we need to open the windows and flush out all of these icky germs!!!!!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Per usual, time is short. I've had 3 days off from work -- that has been great. I start 6 in a row tomorrow. Things here are crazy. Katie is doing good with school. Her antibiotic has worn off so I'm a little concerned about her ears. She's already tugging at them. She is having tubes in and adenoids out the end of this month. Bill had either food poisoning or the stomach flu over the week -- that was horrible. I'm leaning towards food poisoning since none of the rest of us got it and it (pardon the expression) "went both ways" -- not a good thing. Saturday was a nightmare.
We were supposed to be going to Chicago today for a college thing for me. The touring group I sang in is celebrating its 60th anniversary -- but I decided that I didn't have anything to wear and I wasn't in the mood to deal with it -- so we stayed home. Considering how Bill is feeling, I think that was a good decision.