Friday, December 30, 2005

I first of all want to apologize for being so neglectful of my blog. Things have been crazy. I know that I still need to upload birthday and Christmas pics..and I will try to get to that as soon as I can, but lots has been going on, so here it is in a nutshell.

Katie -- her ear infection came back and we had to increase her medication, but I think she is finally feeling better. She had a good Christmas and even did well at an extended family Christmas party -- which is usually a hard thing for her b/c she has to deal with a large group of people that she doesn't know. She also said "PaPa" for the first time (yesterday) and used it correctly as she addressed my dad with it twice. He is of course "smitten" as my mom said. We are thrilled for her that she is figuring out how to get these words out - and of course we are happy for "PaPa" as it is a real treat to get this "recognition" from Katie.

Mary - has finally recovered from the ear infection/pink eye thing -- and I think that we all safely escaped the pink-eye. She had a good Christmas and is now a big fan of her Leapster L-Max and has enjoyed staying up late over Christmas Break. She saw "The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe" with her Auntie on Tuesday and we have heard lots about that ever since.

Me - Well, I have taken a promotion with Kohls which is moving me to a larger store about 10 minutes further away than my present store. I'm excited and scared at the same time as this job will start on Monday (1/2). I'm wiped out from a busy Christmas retail season, but am thankful for my new job and the new opportunities it will bring.

Bill - is on a three week lay-off from work, but received a phone call that they have done some rearranging of staff and he has received a nice promotion. So now both of us are starting new jobs. We need to figure out some additional childcare for the girls as now it will be too much for my mom to handle on her own.

That is it in a nutshell.....I will try to be more consisitent -- maybe thta should be my New Years Resolution !!!!

Monday, December 19, 2005

The pictures are going to have to wait, sorry Susie. We ended up getting her a necklace -- it's really cute - sterling silver with a pink butterfly. She loves it. We also got her some books and a Christmas ornament (which she traditionally gets each year for her birthday). That was plenty b/c she gets tons of stuff from her grandparents and aunt -- and Christmas is only a week a way.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Today is Mary's 5th birthday. I'm blogging this morning b/c I probably won't have time later today with the party and all. Katie seems happy for Mary. She is "talking" so much these days. A lot of babble, with a few words mixed in. It is awesome for us to see her making such great progress. Both of the girls seem to be feeling better with the cocktail of antibiotics that they are downing each day... can we just stay healthy through Christmas?

If I have time I will try to upload some pics from Mary's party. This will be the second year of a princess theme for her.....too funny!

Friday, December 16, 2005

Thank-you, Emily for missing me. I want to blog more, I just can hardly find the time to see straight. It's been kind of a crazy week. Katie's ear infection is back, and Mary has both pink eye and an ear infection on the same side of her's not pretty. I'm a little stressed out about work --- and I'm trying to finish Christmas cards, finish Christmas shopping, wrap presents, get ready for Mary's birthday party on Sunday and let's see -- have some sort of normal life. Bill's work Christmas party was this afternoon -- I stayed for a few hours but I am home now -- trying to get some things done before having to be at work tomorrow am at 8. Bill is off work now for 3 weeks - so that will help a little bit. I just can never remember being so crazed the week before Christmas -- but the good news is that Katie is thriving in school. My mom picked her up at school today for me (b/c I was at the doctor with Mary) and she was so amazed at what she saw. School has been fantastic for Katie --a nd her progress is more than enough of a Christmas gift for me.

Well, -- Katie's starting to get into everything, so I guess I had better go......

Monday, December 12, 2005

Well this is my week to get into the Christmas Season. My schedule at work is light, and I don't have to close the store for a whole week -- so I may actually get some sleep this week. I need to do Christmas cards, shopping, wrapping and get ready for Mary's 5th birthday which is Sunday and which I haven't really done anything for yet! YIKES!

I need more coffee today though... I got home at about 1 am from work and b/c I was so wound up from work I couldn't get to sleep. I put away about 10 loads of laundry and finally fell asleep a little after 2... so now I am soooo tired. I dropped Katie off at school this morning and one of the teachers says, " Wow, Jill...are you okay? You look really tired!" I wanted to say , "why ever would you think I'm tired? I have two kids under the age of 5 - one with autism, I work full-time, try to run a house, pay bills with no money and you want me to look anything other than tired!" But I was nice and just said, "yeah, work is catching up with me -- I could just use a little more sleep."

I desperately need to spend some time on ebay, too to see if I can catch some good last minute deals for Christmas -- especially since I have hardly started shopping.... Any good ideas for a 5 year old girl that don't cost a fortune????

Friday, December 09, 2005

It's a snow day here --- yowsa! I guess that is a good thing since there is so much snow outside that I feel like I'm living in Alaska. I'm trying to clean the house seeing as I have to work tonight, tomorrow and Sunday until 12:30 am. My schedule next week is better -- but less hours -- so even though we could use the $, I am grateful that maybe I will be able to get some things done -- like Christmas cards, Christmas shopping, wrapping, etc. AND, Mary has her 5th birthday on the 18th and I haven't even started to prepare for that.

Mary's school program was last night -- how cute! She looked beautiful and sang so pretty! Bill video-taped it -- I can't wait to watch it.

Does anyone watch the Apprentice? I'm so excited that Randall is doing a benefit for "Autism Speaks." That is an awesome Autism Organization and they are doing some wonderful things to raise awareness and funds for Autism research.

Alright, my house is calling.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Well the days are just tracking along at quite a clip. It is snowing like crazy here -- I can't remember such a snowy December since 5 years ago when Mary was born and we had to drift-bus in the big Dodge pick-up to get me to the hospital to deliver. Yikes.

Here we are -- Katie is doing well in school this week. She is sitting at the table to eat her snack, but is still refusing to drink out of anything but a sippy cup. Mary is having a pretty good week, too. They have their Christmas program this Thursday night. I have to work 4pm - 12:30 am tonite and tomorrow night, and Fri, Sat & Sun ! YIKES! Sometimes I am not sure how I am doing this -- but we will survive.

I need to get working on my Christmas cards/letters -- I am really behind this year -- -guess I've been a little busy. :) Kohl's has an awesome sale tomorrow!!! Should be crazy!

Friday, December 02, 2005

What a week. I think that the girls are both getting healthy again. Katie seems to be recovering well from her double ear infection. How crazy. Work is nuts. Lots of hours and lots of drama. I found myself in tears yesterday -- not so much due to work itself but just my life -- how tired I am, how stressed I am, how I still can't figure out how people find the time for their families and their friends when they work full-time, have 2 kids to cart around to and from school - and all of the extra activities of the holidays including Christmas programs and parties and all of that good stuff. It's crazy.

My mom came over yesterday and helped me out for a few extra hours before she watched the kids while I went to work. That was a huge help. She put away my week's worth of folded laundry that has been sitting in the basket waiting to be put away. She also watched Katie so I could rest for an hour and get a few projects done that I can't do when I have to keep my eye on the little one. I am so thankful for my mom and all the help she does give us.

I don't work tonight and for that I am really thankful!!!I need some rest!