Friday, March 23, 2007

Spring is finally here! Yee-hah!! It has been a long cold winter in Michigan, and the girls are itching to be outside. Especially Mary... I need to take some pics of her riding her "big-girl" bik with no training wheels. She looks like she's been riding forever! We measured her height a few days ago, (compared to Mama's) and she comes up to the base of my neck.... She about 4'6" and she's only 6 years old!! Yikes!!!!

Katie's doing well. She continues to make drastic growth and improvement while on her chelation therapy. She is learning to communicate without words by "leading" us with her arm or by bringing us her diaper when she needs to be changed. She does use the potty on a somewhat regular basis -- as long as we are the ones initiating it.

Bill & I are both continuing to be super busy with's that time of year. Not much else to report...I'll try to get some new pics up soon!!!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Well, I think winter might finally be breaking -- it has been so cold and snowy lately. Yuck!! It was 50 degrees today - a heatwave of sorts. It was a nice break from the cold. I need the weather to warm up so that we can wash the van and vaccuum out the inside -- I need a break from winter!

The girls are good. KATIE SAID TWO NEW WORDS THIS WEEK - "No" and "Poop" - both in appropriate context. :) Too funny! She is doing so well. We are just thrilled with her progress.

Mary is loving school and is enjoying life as only a 6 year old can. She has two very loose top front teeth -- I have a feeling the tooth fairy will be returning soon......