Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Well...its a snow day here. The girls and I are hanging out - and I love it. I have to admit that sometimes it is just night to not go anywhere and just let them enjoy being at home with me. I was hoping that Bill wouldn't go to work, but he had an important meeting so he journeyed out in the blizzard. Yuck!

I do finally have the pictures from girl scout camp downloaded so I will put some of them here. Mary starts selling cookies in a few weeks, so if anyone is interested let me know :)

I love this picture of Mary all bundled up and ready to go out in the 2 degree weather to go sledding. She didn't last too long..but it was fun. The other pic is her on her top bunk...which she was very excited about. She slept on the top bunk at Great Wolf Lodge must be the age.
Not much else happening here. My hours at work are cut back considerably now that it is January - so that is actually really nice as I am able to spend a lot more time with the girls, Bill , and just taking care of family needs which were often neglected when I worked full-time. Bill's 35th birthday is tomorrow! That should be fun...

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Time is quickly clicking off in January. We are all sick again--seems like the germs have really attacked us this winter. Mary and I are leaving for girl scout camp this afternoon. The two super-sickies (Bill & Katie) are staying home to try and get better. Bill has service school this week so he is hoping to start feeling better before that. If you know me at all you know that camping is not my thing -- I have begged and even tried to bribe Mary into not going this weekend -- but no such luck. Most of the activities are indoors (which is good because the high today is supposed to be 12 degrees here -- yikes!) so it won't be too bad. If I take pictures (I haven't decided if I'm bringing my camera yet) I will try to post them shortly.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Well, it's a new year, and once again I need to commit myself to blogging more. I had high hopes for more posts over Christmas break, but both girls and myself were extremely sick. High fevers and cough -- not fun. Thankfully, Bill managed to avoid getting sick and we were able to recover in time for our much needed vacation to Great Wolf Lodge ( It was amazing - and I highly recommend it for a family vacation if you like waterparks. We are hoping to go back over Spring Break. I can't wait - 12 weeks and counting.

We did have some other interesting things happen over Christmas break -- we celebrated Mary's 7th birthday at Red Robin -- Katie loved the "big red bird" a lot - Bill shaved his head - or should I say, I shaved Bill's head at his request. It has already grown back very quickly. We had at least 2 snow storms which provided great fun for driving to work....and let's just say I am glad that school is back in session and life is getting back to "normal".