Thursday, May 06, 2010

Field Trip

One of the highlights for fourth graders at Mary's school is to go on a field trip to Lansing, the state capitol of Michigan. Lots of parents were able to go along on this field trip, including myself. Mary was so excited to go. The kids were able to visit a children's science museum, the Michigan history museum, and were given a tour of the capitol building. Here are some highlights:

It was a pretty long day on the bus...but we still managed to have fun!

Mary getting "chewed up" by the big mouth at the Impression 5 Museum. The kids loved this hands-on museum and had a great time learning all about magnets, water, gravity, the human body and lots of other great topics.
This is Mary's class standing in front of the capitol building. It was a beautiful sunny day - great for being able to walk from the history museum over to the capitol for our tour! It was a super day!