Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Return to Blogging...

So..yes, I'm still alive. December is notoriously a difficult month for me. I work retail, thus long (and very early this year) hours contribute to a lack of sleep. I also have Mary's birthday to handle the week before Christmas - and then of course, Christmas itself. January is usually a nice slow-down month for us...I am definitely hoping for that this year.

I will just highlight a few things from this past month ....

Build-a-Bear. My first official trip. Wow, why couldn't I have invented that place! A true windfall for sure...but my kids both (yes, even Katie...seemed to love it.) Here are the girls modeling their new Holly & Hal Moose "Bears".

We also have started doing the Special Olympics downhill skiing program. It is truly a highlight each week. The pics I have taken aren't great, so I will try and get some when we go this week. Both of the girls (and Bill & I) are able to ski and use the lifts at no charge - which is truly an amazing gift for us. Both of the girls are taking to it with rather amazing quickness...only a few tears so far - so we're doing well. The place we ski has a "magic carpet" which is basically a conveyor belt that the girls can ride up the "bunny" hills - this prevents them from having to learn the rope tow right away - and if you are a skiier - you know that the rope tow can actually be harder to master than most basic skiing skills!
Well - I guess that will do it for now. I need to go and get caught up on all of my favorite's been way too long.... See you soon!