Friday, August 21, 2009

Vacation Rocks

Yes, I'm back. Guess I'm not doing so well at blogging in August. We are finishing up a great week of vacation - complete with a trip to the Carfax 250 at Michigan International Speedway. If you are my facebook friend, you have possibly already seen this picture ----
It's no secret that I love when the opportunity was given to Bill and I to once again go to the race and spend time on pit lane and in the garage - we definitely jumped at it. Thanks know who you are!
We also just got back from three days in the Wisconsin Dells at Great Wolf Lodge. This was our first visit to the Dells - and we loved it. I don't love the Chicago traffic (hard to believe I lived there for 6 years - and for all practical purposes that is really where I learned to drive!)...but now, Chicago traffic does nothing for me. We got home a little after midnight last night and let me just say we are all a little tired - and I may never get the laundry caught up - but oh well, that is what vacation is all about.
I hope all of you are enjoying your summer .....more blogging to start is almost back in session!

Saturday, August 01, 2009

August Already?

Sorry for the extended absence from the blogging world. Sometimes I get a little caught up in the girls being home (Katie's two weeks at school went very fast!!! She is now beginning her second week at home before heading back to school for two more weeks). I also have been tryinig to knock off some projects around the house. Bill and I drained the pool today - scrubbed it out and are in the process of re-filling it. What a lot of work! But it was definitely needed. Hopefully it will make it until school starts and then we will take it down and put it away.I have a feeling we are about at the end of the life of this pool anyway -- and a new purchase will need to be made when pools go on clearance here in the next few weeks.

Not a whole lot else going on. I've just been spending way too much time on facebook, reading (see the new additions to my reading list) going to movies and just having a good summer with the fam. More as it becomes available. Hope you are having a great summer, too.